Thin freedom on the roof of the worldSahara, sand oceanEarth, Air, Fire & WaterAtacama: deserts, geysers and salaresThe valley of the Baroquetradition and modernityEvolution of speciesNew Mexico, Arizona, Utah and CaliforniaAnimal kingdomFrom salt to skyGetting drunk on colorFacing the LionUshuaia and Perito MorenoPeach-colored dunes in SossusvleiLand of the MayaGeysers and bisonThe Big AppleThe city of tangoTraveling with Kuaska in Belgian BeersPointing to skyJasper and BanffIguazu and SaltaSeville, Córdoba, Valencia, Madrid and BarcelonaThroughout history, religion and poetry in modern PersiaHasta la victoria siempreLa Belle ProvinceThe heart of MoroccoThe city of Fado and saudadePoland light-hearted after allVancouver and its islandPassion for the wallsGreat NorthThe imperial cities of the HabsburgsWalking in the city of SocratesLassa pur ch´el mond el disa, ma Milan l´è un gran MilanThe island of lemurs and chameleonsHarmony between nature and civilizationThe modern capital of Estonia with great medieval charmTemples high as mountains hidden in the jungleAlong the Mekong River, heart and blood of IndochinaDisneyland with the death penaltyBetween Europe and the EastIntense, smiling and very colorful looks from India.